The Power of Your Choices

Many times people abdicate their freedom of choice. The ability to choose can never be taken from you. It is only yours to give away. You may let others pressure you into choices. You may not have the time to make all the choices in front of you; so you neglect or hurry through them. It behooves you to consider your choices very carefully and make the choice that is best for you.

As a manager, your choices create the direction for your team. You choose goals, direction, process, pacing, focus areas and more. How do you make a choice? Do you have a process? Here are some suggestions for your choice and decision-making.

• When you encounter a significant choice, create some time to make it

• Lay out your options and the impacts of each

• Identify the risks and likely outcomes of each option

• If it is helpful, get some feedback from others

• Own your choice, once you make it

The power of choice is yours. Make good ones and never give this power away. Exercising your freedom of choice is essential to good managing.


photo: cbenjasuwan,