Time Can Be On Your Side

Do you see time as an enemy or a friend? Time is central to our existence. For time to be a friend, you have to flow with it. It can be a potent enemy if you fight it, ignore it or allow it to have power over you.

How can you flow with time? You start by doing all you can to live fully in the present moment. Only from the present moment can you deal with reality. Living in the past or future skews your perspective. A key element of flowing with time is balance. From a place of balance – emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally – you are functioning at your peak. You also need to recognize the signs of stress and know when to pull back and regroup.

Time is a construct that you can harmonize with. Granted, the speed of our world doesn’t make it easy. But that makes it even more imperative for you to stop and examine your relationship with time. Find your way to flow with time.

photo: Grant Cochrane, FreeDigitalPhotos.net