Keeping Your Cool When Emotions Run High

With the pace of life today, you do not have a lot of time available for contemplation or anticipating what’s to come as you go about your workday. You can easily find yourself in an emotionally charged situation without knowing how you got there. In this environment, what can you do to maintain your cool?

The best approach is self-management – managing your stress levels by not letting them get out of hand, developing your emotional intelligence and self-awareness, creating balance in your day and developing ways to handle your emotions, when your buttons are pushed or others’ emotions are running high. Sometimes, it’s about getting yourself out of a negative situation quickly, either to avoid it or to give yourself time to regroup before you deal with it.

Keeping your cool is essential to your effectiveness as a manager. Focusing your attention on how to do it is worthwhile and will serve you well.


photo: nokhoog_buchachon,