Look Up

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.       – Albert Einstein

There really are no limits. You can go as far as you want to with your career, your projects and your team. Yes, there are realities. That is what I think Einstein was saying – first accept the limits that exist now. From there, you have the basis on which you can go beyond them. How? You figure out what it will take to break through existing limits and move forward.

Many of the limits you identify may be self-made; created by perceptions, beliefs or the influence of others. To go beyond them, find a new story. Other limits may be very real. They need an assessment. How can you overcome them? Are they worth going for? Do you need to enlist support from others?

As you “look up”, you are fulfilling your potential. None of us are meant to be small, limited or anything less than magnificent. Look up and find your greatness.

photo: David Castillo Dominici, FreeDigitalPhotos.net