Power Breaks

As you work, work, work you may not think of breaks as powerful tools for productivity. Turn your thinking around on this one and you will see the benefits. Taking periodic breaks during your workday can rejuvenate you, sharpen your mind and relieve your fatigue.

The challenge lies in getting your self to stop for a break. Here are a few ways you can make it easier to stop for a break: set a time limit for continuous work – for example, you will work no more than 3 hours straight; identify some appealing ways to take a break – things you would look forward to doing and that are possible in your workday; set a timer on your phone or computer for when you want to take breaks.

Think of waves in the ocean and the power they harness, gathering speed by receding and then crashing to shore. There’s a rhythm you establish by interspersing breaks into your workday. You expend energy working, then you gather and build your energy during breaks. Doing this, you create a flow to your work and enhance your productivity.

Start seeing breaks as the powerful productivity tools they are. As you do, you will work, play and live better!

photo: Foto76, FreeDigitalPhotos.net