Respecting A Person’s “Space”

Who wrote the law that says it is acceptable to disregard a person’s space in the workplace? You would think such a law exists by the way people do it. We all have the right to be treated with respect and have our privacy honored.

Disregarding someone’s space can involve aggressive or angry behavior, taking no notice of a person’s feelings, demeaning them, intruding on their privacy, physical closeness that makes the person uncomfortable or showing disrespect. These actions are not essential to a productive workplace. When they do happen, productivity is diminished.

As a manager, you can model this respect for a person’s space. If your organization’s culture excuses bad behavior, make sure you do not. Talk with your team about emotional intelligence, diversity, the dignity of each person and what it means to respect each other.

Respecting each person’s space creates harmony, understanding, motivation and fruitful collaboration for your team.


photo: AlainLacroix,