Ten Ways To Change Your Relationship With Time

Time management is an oxymoron – you cannot manage time, but you can manage your relationship to it. In a previous post, Is Time In Control Or Are You?,  I provided some questions to help you assess your relationship with time. Now, here are ten ways you can begin to change your relationship with time.

1. Stop at several specified points in your day to assess how you are dealing with time. Are you in a good relationship with it or a stressful one?

2. Be realistic about what you have planned to do in the day. Do you have time?

3. Practice mindfulness and being in the present moment.

4. Heighten your awareness of emotions you are experiencing. Often your emotions are a first indicator that something is awry.

5. If an emergency or something unexpected occurs in your day, stop and adjust your expectations accordingly.

6. Identify the signs that tell you that you are in overwhelm and time is getting the better of you.

7. Work on balance. With balance, you relate to time from a centered place.

8. Take breaks every once in awhile, so you do not push yourself too far.

9. Be aware of how your choices affect your relationship with time.

10. Remember that time is finite and plan accordingly.


photo: Chaiwat, FreeDigitalPhotos.net