What Do You Do When A Project Stalls?


It happens – projects can slow down, stall or come to a halt and it is up to you to get them going again. The first step in dealing with the inevitability of projects going at varying speeds is to have a system in place to recognize (quickly) that a project is slowing down. A basic project management or tracking system will do this for you. Sometimes, you or a team member can be slow to recognize a project slow-down or be reluctant to reveal it, because of perceived repercussions. Better to get it out in the open, so you can deal with the cause in a timely and forthright manner.

To get a project back on track involves identifying issues and root causes, bringing in the right people to get it going again and solving problems. Avoidance compounds your problems and serves no purpose. You may need time to find solutions. Best to face a project slow-down directly and do what you need to get things moving again.


photo: Witthaya Phonsawat, FreeDigitalPhotos.net