A Circle Or A Line?


When you think about managing, do you see your work as a circle or a line? A line is the distance between two points. A circle is continuous, with no end point and an equidistant center from all of its points. A line gets you from here to there. A circle is a process and flow. You know about circular and linear learning and left-brain and right-brain thinking. Try applying these concepts and assess your management style in relation to them. Ask yourself these questions and you may gain some insights on your approach to managing.

• Do you approach each of your tasks separately with a schedule and process for each one or see them as an interrelated whole?

• How do you respond when your progress is interrupted by something unexpected?

• Is logic of high importance in your managing?

• Do you go step-by-step as you manage or tend to flow with what comes?

• How do you comparatively value hierarchy and equality?

• Are you more task-oriented in your managing or more responsive to what happens along the way?


photo: bandrat, FreeDigitalPhotos.net