Changing Course

ID-10041533When I was training as a coach, I took a class on Balance. In the class, many of us were surprised to hear the advice that sometimes we have to reshape, and possibly let go of, our commitments. I, for one, had always honored my commitments and sometimes, to my detriment, made sure I fulfilled each one of them.

Your life will change course. Commitments or plans you have made may lose their importance or be in conflict with your new direction. What do you do? My suggestion is to reevaluate and give yourself permission to make new ones. This is not about carelessly throwing out previous commitments or plans. Rather, it is about being fully in the present moment and acting from there. Consider your best interests and make decisions about which commitments and plans make sense for your new course and which do not. Once those decisions are made, stay true to your values and make the changes that are warranted.

You cannot change course if you hang on to the past.


photo: Keerati,