Ten Ways To End 2014 On Top Of It All

ID-1002012821. Assess your year. What were your resolutions for 2014? How far along are you?

2. Acknowledge your accomplishments, so far, in 2014.

3. Identify your biggest learnings in 2014.

4. Determine what you must get done by the end of the year in order to feel good about 2014.

5. Focus yourself, now, on getting these things done.

6. Identify what you can let go of, that no longer serves you, and let it go.

7. Tell someone what you plan to do, or find another means of staying accountable.

8. Do something to bring more balance and fun into your life, between now and the end of the year.

9. Pick one thing you can do that will create a fabulous end to 2014 and do it.

10. See yourself at the end of 2014 celebrating what a great year it has been.


photo: hin255, FreeDigitalPhotos.net