Will You Retire?

ID-100290511Recently, The New York Times did a feature article on “Old Masters At The Top Of Their Game” – people still thriving in their careers in their 80s and 90s. The article features authors, a naturalist, performers, a Supreme Court Justice, an athlete, and others.

All of us have an array of choices when we think about whether or how we want to retire. We can leave our careers and take it easy. We can start a new career. We can keep going at what we are doing. We can pursue our dreams. Factors such as money, career fulfillment and health, of course, will influence us. But how wonderful to have an array of choices and to not have society dictating that we must stop working at a certain time.

What do you dream of for your older years? I’d enjoy hearing from you. Will you retire?


photo: stockimages, FreeDigitalPhotos.net