Do You Ever Feel Fear At Work?

ID-100296906We all deal with fear in our lives. A recent New York Times column, Why Fear Kills Productivity provides some good insights and suggestions concerning fear in the workplace.

When you feel fear you can experience physical, mental and emotional effects. At times, there are good reasons to feel fear – perhaps when you feel you will not be able to deliver on a deadline or product or when your job is threatened by cost-cutting, or other things beyond your control. This kind of fear you can find ways to deal with. However, fear due to mistreatment, intimidation or bully bosses has no place at work. That kind of fear is unwarranted and needs to be identified and dealt with constructively. Fear should never debilitate you.

How often do you feel fear at work? Have you given much thought to this?



Note: Interestingly, the New York Times column is written by Tony Schwartz whose work is profiled in an article I referenced recently in my post: Renewing Your Energy Matters As You Manage 

photo: Stuart Miles,