Managing Through The Holidays

ID-100146438They’re here – the holidays are upon us. Have you given any thought to how you will manage yourself and your team through the holidays? There’s a different energy during the holidays – one of heightened emotions, celebration, distraction, stress and interaction. It is helpful to make adjustments during the holidays so you can limit stress and keep work flowing. You can start this process by considering a few things:

What are your non-negotiable December deadlines? Can you meet them?

How will team members’ holiday vacation days affect workflow this month?

Do you anticipate any emotional upsets, stress or distractions on the part of individual team members that could affect their productivity?

Will you make time for celebration and relaxation for you and your team?

The holidays can be both a fun and a productive time for you and your team. Some planning and a few adjustments can make them so. Make it a good holiday month!


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