Renewing Your Energy Matters As You Manage

ID-100243704I recently came across a Harvard Business Review article, Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time . The article has been around awhile, but I found it intriguing and relevant to what many managers deal with today. The basic thesis of the article is that in organizations need to build and sustain the capacity (energy) of their employees. The authors’ write that the core problem with working longer hours to get things done is that time is a finite resource. Energy can be systematically expanded and regularly renewed by establishing behaviors to expand and renew your energy. The article is worth a look, with many good suggestions for managing your energy and a sidebar with questions to ask yourself to determine if you are headed for an “energy crisis”.

How is your energy level in your work and your life? Do you actively sustain a high energy level or do you drain your energy, thus harming your productivity level? Managing your energy level may be the piece you are looking for to “lock in” high productivity and balance in your life. It’s a winner, for sure.


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