10 Ways To Challenge Yourself

ID-100235786Periodically challenging yourself builds your leadership skills, creativity and self-confidence. Here are some ways you can challenge yourself in the next month. Give it a try – you can do it!

1. Try a new technique in your managing.

2. Tackle something you are afraid of doing by taking one step forward.

3. Ask your team and co workers for an informal 360 performance review.

4. Speak your truth in a situation that matters to you.

5. Say no to something.

6. Observe yourself for a day and identify what needs changing.

7. Repair a worthwhile relationship that has been damaged.

8. Read a book that adds to your knowledge base about managing.

9. Commit to make one positive and radical change in your life by the end of the year.

10. Create something you never thought you could.



photo: jesadaphorn, FreeDigitalPhotos.net