ID-100128824Self-Preservation: preservation of oneself from destruction or harm; a natural or instinctive tendency to act so as to preserve one’s own existence

Self-preservation may be instinctive; however it is worth your while to focus consciously on it in your workplace. Why? Because survival is not a given in any workplace. Numerous factors can threaten your success and well being if you are not aware of the environment you are working in. Self-preservation does not require paranoia, manipulation or obsession. Self-preservation requires intelligence, watchfulness and protection of your interests.

Here are some ways to focus on self-preservation in a constructive manner:

• Be keenly aware of (stay awake) when people either harm you or your interests at work. Maya Angelou once said: “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” It’s natural for some to have a tendency to let slights pass by or to dismiss them. You do not have to react to them, but you want to allow the facts to form your opinion of someone, rather than your wishes for how you’d like them to be.

• Identify what interests you want to protect. Do they relate to being given what you need to perform well, being treated in a certain manner, (for example, respected, valued, consulted, acknowledged), milestones you want to achieve in your career or what type of environment you can thrive in?

• Develop your emotional intelligence. This will help you to “see” what may be underneath people’s actions and also to mange your own emotions effectively.

As you put self-preservation on your radar, you will find that you are better able to act in your own interests when you need to.

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  1. Mark Orr says:

    Yes, and Yes. Thanks for this…It offered much clarity to some work issues I’ve been bumping up against.

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