Awake To Your Conditioning

dreamstime_xs_50052578When you work, you bring your whole self to whatever you do. One aspect of self is conditioning – past experiences that have a powerful influence on the way you think and act. We all have conditioning, whether we are conscious of it or not. Do you have a sense of your own conditioning? It is helpful to develop this awareness so you can be in charge of your responses, attitudes and actions in the situations you encounter.

What are the past experiences that have influenced you? What values have you developed over the years? Have past experiences created insecurities or strong convictions that you have? Can you see any of these influencing the way you have handled situations in the past? Do you shy away from anything because you are fearful?

Being awake to your conditioning allows you to know yourself fully and bring all that you are to your work and life. Once awake to them, you have the power to evaluate the effects of your past conditioning and decide what stays and what you are ready to let go of.


photo: Yuryz,