Bad Habits

BAD HABIT 1Bad habits do you no good. They can sneak up on you or you can be completely unaware of them. Can you think of any bad habits that are negatively affecting your managing – either of yourself or your team? Examine how you go through your day. Is there anything you regularly do that you consider a bad habit? If you find one, how is this bad habit harming you?

One way to get rid of a bad habit is to create a new “good” habit to replace it. Say you consider being late for meetings a bad habit. Create a new habit that you will be on time for meetings. You could begin by making sure you leave plenty of time to get to meetings, by not over scheduling yourself or being unrealistic in your sense of how much time you need to do something. If you are courageous, you could “declare” your intention to others to be on time for meetings. It is essential that you hold yourself accountable. Once you start, it is not that hard. It is well within your power to change.

Say goodbye to bad habits. They are energy drains, keep you from your greatness and sabotage you – with no good results.