Navigating Rapids

dreamstime_xs_41472300Odds are, as a manager you’ll be hitting some rapids in upcoming weeks. Navigating them skillfully, for both you and your team, will make the difference between an exciting ride or capsizing. What can cause these rapids? Many things, including: unexpected obstacles, personnel changes or problems, budget cuts, pressure to perform beyond capacity, overwhelm for you or your team, or over-the-top expectations from upper management.

What do you need to skillfully navigate such rapids?

• Presence of mind to make the best decisions

• Realistic expectations – knowing when to push and when to say no for you and your team

• As often as possible, being fully present in the moment

• Focus on priorities

• Awareness of how your team is doing

When you are navigating rapids you are dealing with unknowns, encountering obstacles, captaining your “ship”, assuring the well being of your team and identifying your destination. Success relies more on your inner being than on controlling outside events.

Navigating rapids requires you to be in the moment and at your best, so that you are ready to handle whatever you encounter.


photo: Strahil Dimitrov,