Are You Hitting A Brick Wall?

brick wallYou have “senses” beyond your five physical senses. Your intuition and the inklings you get in life are there to help you discern what is best for you. You might as well use them. When you don’t listen, they can escalate into louder warnings and eventually a very hard brick wall, that you don’t want to run into.

Is there anything in your life and work right now that you sense is not good for you? Are you listening to or ignoring it? These “senses” come in different forms. They can be fleeting misgivings about something you are doing, a physical or “gut” feeling that something is wrong, a strong emotion about something or fear, when you think about dealing with it.

To avoid an uncomfortable crash into a brick wall, get in tune with your extra senses. When they speak to you, center yourself and listen. Not only are they warning signs; they will guide you through the situation, if you let them. No need for you to hit those brick walls – stay away from them!

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