New Playing Fields

ID-100157138-2Sometimes, your playing field shifts. It may be a change in upper management personnel, a new policy, a major change in culture or significant changes in funding and resources. When a playing field shifts, you must shift as well.

The first step is to notice that the playing field has shifted – sometimes there is not an announcement; the change just happens. Then, step back and look at how the shift affects you and your team. It is a non-negotiable that you make changes in response. If you ignore the change, you’ll be out of step and suffer consequences. Assess what is in your and your team’s best interests and adjust to the new playing field. Maximize your advantage.

In the long run, it is easier to respond to change, then to pretend it is not there. When the playing field shifts, create your own shifts, too. That way, you’ll remain a winner, no matter what field you playing on.


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