Rebounding From Disappointment

disappointmentgeraltpixabayDisappointments come in all sizes. You want to rebound productively from them or they can take you for a very unproductive ride .

Disappointment has a lot to do with expectations. It is almost impossible to have no expectations. However, adjusting your expectations can do away with unnecessary disappointments.

When you experience disappointment, take some time to acknowledge the emotions you feel and give them their due. Then, it is up to you where you take it from there. You can wallow too long in your emotion, let disappointment bring you down, go into blame or victimhood – thus preventing yourself from rebounding . Or, you can rebound by assessing the cause of the disappointment, determining if there is anything you can do about it, identifying a positive next step you can take and naming any lessons learned.

Disappointments can strengthen you and help you grow. Handle them well and they can actually serve you in your career.


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