Time Immovable

flowwithtimegeraltpixabayThis past Sunday morning, I was deeply into a dream when our dog Sarah woke me up abruptly. I got up and tended to her and went about my Monday. It took me 15 minutes to realize it was Sunday! It was as if I had tried to move time. I wondered, will I ever be able to do that – move myself to the next day? I imagined time as a slide ruler, moving from day to day, backward and forward. However, for now, time is immovable – I was in my Sunday morning and could not slide to another day. I readjusted to it being Sunday.

Even with time immovable, you still can flow with time. Doing so improves your efficiency, stress level and productivity. How can you flow with time? By living fully in each moment, keeping yourself centered, and returning to your center when you lose balance. It takes some time to find your flow with time but once you do, life and work get a lot better.


photo: geralt, pixabay.com