Turning Work Into Werk

werkpicographypixabayI recently learned of a website WERK . WERK is an online talent exchange that pairs skilled women with career-building flexible work opportunities from top companies.  WERK utilizes technology so women can achieve ambitious goals on a schedule that works for them.

WERK’s vision applies to men and women alike:

Today’s work culture says that the more hours we put in, sitting in one place, the more successful we are. That doesn’t make sense to us. Exhaustion is not a status symbol. At WERK, we imagine a world where women are able to work smarter, performing ambitious and challenging work in the context of a multifaceted life.

Attitudes about work are changing in a positive direction and are catching up with the reality of our lives. Work is not a one-way proposition – you giving your all according to the dictates of an organization. Work is an exchange that is productive for both parties. The sooner we all realize this, the stress of our current work lives will give way to innovation, balance and high performance.

How are you werking these days?


photo: pictography, pixabay.com