The Promise and Peril of Expectations

expectationspablogarciasaldanaunsplashThere’s a dichotomy with expectations – they can propel or they can stall your movement. Expectations address the future, however they can turn into beliefs that something will happen in a certain way. How can you have a belief about a future that hasn’t happened yet?

Expectations propel you when they take the form of intention, hope or desire. In that form, you are using them to set a vision of what you want to occur. They stall you when you make them omnipotent and your mind sees only one outcome for the future. In that form, you are closing your mind to other paths and options, that may be superior.

Stay aware of your expectations. Use them wisely, making them an ally rather than a hindrance.

Which way will you go with your expectations?


photo: pablo garcia saldana,