Good Luck With The Straight And Narrow Path

windingpathjenalelieunsplashMany have advised that all will go well if you stay on the straight and narrow path. You will be safe, know exactly where you are heading and you won’t get lost. The problem with this is that work can be messy and anything but straight and narrow.

Some look at the straight and narrow path as the way of moral integrity. That’s a good thing and fundamental to ethical behavior. What I am looking at is seeing the world one way and not acknowledging that life is full of unknowns, curving roads and surprises. If you start out realizing that your path may not be straight and narrow, you have an immediate advantage.

So what do you do? As you traverse your career path, be ready for whatever comes by being flexible, staying fully in the present moment and seeing change as inevitable. That way, you can keep your feet on solid ground and get where you want to be.


photo: jenalelie,