Are You Appreciated?

gratitudeTumisupixabayMany of us want to be appreciated for our work and talents. Do you feel appreciated by those you work with and for? This is not limited to a yes or no answer. There are more things to look at here:

• The reasons appreciation matters or does not matter to you.

• How you want appreciation expressed – possibly in words, action, money.

• What you want to be appreciated for.

• Whether you feel you deserve appreciation.

• How your organization’s culture shows appreciation.

Your emotions and mindset can play a part in this, either positively or negatively. Getting clear on how you want appreciation expressed and what’s possible in your organization can go a long way in avoiding the quicksand of feeling unappreciated. Find a way to reach clarity on both what you want and if your organization is willing to or can give that to you.


photo: Tumisu,