When Ego Gets In The Way

egojohnhainpixabayMy guess is that you have seen others let their ego get the best of them, with negative results. Are you aware of any hold that your ego may have on you? Do you misstep due to pride, insecurity, need for approval or other attitudes?

Your ego is created by the experiences you have in life and lifts out of your subconscious mind. Sure, ego has positive aspects when kept in check – self-esteem, self-confidence. But here I am referencing ego’s harmful aspects that skew your responses, based on past negative experiences. The ego may act from a protective place, thinking you are still a child and need its protection from the big, bad world. That is not the case. You are an adult and able to find your own way.

Make some effort to understand yourself, your perspectives and your motivations. It is well worthwhile. Develop a healthy ego, so that your best self shines.


photo: johnhain, pixabay.com