differentcolinoobpixabayDifferentiate: to become unlike or dissimilar; to change in character; to make a distinction.

Conformity alone is rewarded in many workplaces. The rewards, however, come at a price. Your conformity robs the world of your unique gifts and talents. How do you balance conformity and differentiation? A bit of each is necessary for your success and fulfillment.

Conformity has to do with knowing the realities of your work world and its expectations of you. Differentiation has to do with bringing your unique perspective to your work. It is an art to balance the two.

You can do it. Start with some experimentation. Bring your unique perspective to projects or issues you deal with in your work. See how it is received and which ideas are successful. There is room for many voices and, when they are heard, you discover the best solutions and approaches.

What new perspectives can you bring to your work today?


photo: ColiNOOB, pixabay.com