Words Versus Actions

talkinggeraltpixabayBefore I became a coach one of the key lessons I learned, as manager, was that actions speak louder than words. The organization I worked for had promised, when I was hired, that I would see two title promotions in two years. As I waited for the first one (over a year into my employment) I received an excellent performance appraisal and a raise in salary, but only promises of a title.

I was perplexed for a while. If they were happy with my performance, why wasn’t I seeing the title? There was an assumption there: that hard work and quality were always rewarded. At a certain point, I decided that I would no longer judge my employers by their words, but would judge them by their actions. What a positive shift this was for me! My approach changed. I communicated directly with my employers and I had a much more accurate view of what was going on.

Try this out for yourself. Judge people and situations by actions taken, rather than words. Actions are your best measure – they are real, hold weight and cannot be denied.


photo: geralt, pixabay.com