What Stories Do You Tell Yourself?

In the early days of the coaching profession there was focus on the stories we tell ourselves. These stories impact our perspective, emotions and actions, as we build our careers and work every day.

Do you have a “story” that you tell yourself? Perhaps the story is that you are trapped in your current circumstances, that the world is against you, that there is no place to go or that you are underappreciated. Or, perhaps your story is that there are no limits, that you can do whatever you put your mind to or that the world will support you in your dreams. See the difference?

What stories do you tell yourself?

photo: MorningbirdPhoto, pixabay.com

2 comments on “What Stories Do You Tell Yourself?

  1. Ann Vanino says:

    Good insight Chris. Others do not define us.

  2. Chris Hamilton says:

    Very powerful. Also, what stories do you let others tell you?

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