Through Illusions

Illusion – a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses; a deceptive appearance or impression; a false idea or belief.

Illusions are not just present in magic shows. Illusions are something we all can have and they can be dangerous. Many kinds of illusions are possible, for example, that you think you are indispensible when you are not, that you have good relationships when the agendas of others are hidden; that you “have to” do something because there is no alternative.

Do you have any illusions about your career or work? The problem is that illusions are sometimes hard to recognize. One way to identify them is to develop a sense of reality when looking at situations. Focus on what you have evidence of, not the way you would like something to be.

It is in your best interest to move through illusions and progress in the world knowing it for what it is.

photo: MichaelGaida,