Sometimes you get weary. It is inevitable with the pace of work and life today. Even with a good balance to your life, you can run out of steam. What do you do when you are weary? The key is to stop and restore. Sometimes, you cannot stop right away as you have deadlines or demands that must be attended to. In that case, endure, but don’t go too long. You can wear yourself out and that does you no good.

Develop a pattern of restoration to employ when you feel weary. Perhaps it will involve getting out of your environment, rejuvenating with rest, identifying the root cause of your weariness and addressing it or having some fun. Weariness doesn’t serve you. When it shows up, acknowledge your weariness and eliminate it.


photo: 422737, pixabay.com

2 comments on “Weariness

  1. Chris Hamilton says:

    Thank you for this. It’s so important in our hustle and bustle society to find balance in our lives. Most of the time it’s self-inflicted thus we need to be better at self-governing what’s on our plate. Possibly a smaller plate is the key.

    • Ann Vanino says:

      It is about our awareness Chris, I agree. Sometimes, letting go of things energizes you and you end up with plenty of time for what matters.

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