Positive Disturbance

It is natural to want smooth sailing in your life and work. You do what you can to keep it that way. To varying degrees, disturbance shows up and smooth sailing is disrupted. When this happens, you do what you can to get things going smoothly again.

Have you ever thought of disturbance as a positive thing? It can be. At work, disturbance can strengthen your skills, change your perspective in a positive way, help you see things you could not see before and rearrange things for the better.

Next time you experience a disturbance, make the most of it.


photo: ChadoNihi, pixabay.com


2 comments on “Positive Disturbance

  1. Very true! Change often brings good! I think the hardest thing is waiting inside the chrysalis while we are a blob of goo, transforming! LOL. Cheri

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