The Power In Allowing

So many times you can find yourself fighting reality. You don’t like the way things are, so you resist. Doing so does not serve you. It expends your energy and takes your time, usually with little result. Alternatively, you can find the power in allowing.

Allowing refers to using the way things are as your starting point. It does not mean that you accept the way things are; just that you see things clearly and go from there. Doing so gets rid of any illusions and lets you address a situation as it is. Then, you are better able to protect your interests and achieve your desired result.


photo: Alexas-Fotos,

2 comments on “The Power In Allowing

  1. Ann Vanino says:

    Beautifully said, Susan.

  2. Susan Baldwin says:

    Yes!! Powerful message here…the more you simply can allow the way things are, more options seem to present themselves. By allowing, you loosen your grip and the flow continues.

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