Frustration Can Take You For A Ride

Frustration is an intense emotion. When other emotions are on the rise at the same time, frustration can easily get out of hand. As the amount of stress you are under compounds, carefully watch what is happening with your frustration level. Frustration can take you to destructive places that do not serve you.

Managing your frustration, especially in times of elevated stress is a key element of emotional intelligence. Protect yourself, learn to quiet your frustration when you need to and you’ll avoid some bumpy rides.


photo: Rudy and Peter Skitterians,

2 comments on “Frustration Can Take You For A Ride

  1. Ann Vanino says:

    Well said Solomon. Best to conserve our energy.

  2. SOLOMON, The Singing Jewelry Man says:

    Good advice, Ann!
    It seems like nothing ever good comes from decisions or actions done or made in anger. They always seem to be destructive.
    Nice to hear from you!
    Solomon and LINDA

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