Endings, Beginnings and Openings

There is an ending occurring – this is my last Managers Hub post. A beginning – the launch of Opening Blog. And an opening – an opportunity, through Opening Blog, to explore  new ideas and opportunities available in these times.

An opening is an invitation to go somewhere new. In this era of change, it is essential that we hone our ability to recognize and take advantage of openings – opportunities for growth and transformation that present themselves to us. Opening Blog explores the openings in our lives and the power we have, individually and collectively, to create a world of peace, harmony and cooperation.

We are in a new world in so many ways. My hope is that Opening Blog will be a companion for you as you find your way. If you’d like to take a peek at Opening Blog click here.

The Managers Hub Blog has had a great run since 2012. This is my 765th post. From my heart, I thank you for reading The Managers Hub and look forward to connecting with you on Opening Blog. Be well and prosper! And be in touch anytime. – Ann


photo: Ermanno Vanino