Are You In Touch With Your Intuition?

intuitionmhougepixabayYour intuition is a powerful tool in your work. There is nothing lightweight about it. It allows you to understand something quickly, without a lot of conscious reasoning. Intuition is your “gut reaction” to something and is rooted in your past experiences, insights and responses.

If you are not in touch with or do not fully trust your intuition, try to alter that. Get to where you can “hear” your intuition when you need to. Sometimes, it shows up literally as a gut reaction – a feeling in your body. Sometimes it shows up as an immediate thought in response to something happening.

Then, try listening to your intuition and see how it goes. Act on it, rather than pushing it away. Your intuition is a powerful ally in your work and career!


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The Advantage Of Preparation

ID-10056739One of the most significant professional lessons I’ve learned relates to the importance of preparation. In my early career, I would often go to meetings, that did not ask participants for specific preparation, trusting my general knowledge  and my ability to respond in the moment. What I began to find, at some meetings, was that others had prepared for the meeting in ways I had not and that gave them an advantage. Their advantage lay in anticipating the interpersonal dynamics of a meeting by giving thought to who was attending, brushing up on the subject matter ahead of time or thinking out their own goals for the meeting and what results they wanted from it.

Preparation puts you in a place of confidence. With preparation you can influence outcomes, avoid unnecessary clashes and shine in front of others. Preparation is well worth the effort – embrace the advantage it gives you.


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