Can You Be Authentic At Work?

There’s a lot involved in being authentic. It is about being true to yourself, being transparent and speaking your truth. Is authenticity valued at your workplace? Do others want to hear from you? A lot can interfere with authenticity in the workplace. You may want to maintain an “image” that you believe can lead you to success. You may value emotional intelligence as an essential factor in teamwork and collaboration and allow it to influence your authenticity in certain situations. You may discern that speaking your truth does not serve you. Where do you draw the line between your authenticity and the nature of your workplace?

Whether you can be authentic at work is a question that you have to answer. It is worth paying attention to so that you do not lose yourself as you work.


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ID-10095021You hear the word authentic a lot these days. What does it mean to you as a manager? Authentic is being genuine, true and real. Are conditions right for you to be “authentic” in your work or is this just the word of the day? Being true to your self, matters. The question lies in how much of yourself you show in your managing and when some things are better not shown.

In my early career, as I learned the “game” I tried to shape myself to the professional world – dressing for success, learning the lingo, observing. My attention turned away from me to how to make it in the organizations I worked in. It has been quite a long journey back to true authenticity. It’s a journey I do not regret, but I am glad to be here. I can be here because I am working on my own, writing and, in some ways, am far from the madding crowd. There’s a price to pay here, too, but authenticity is achievable.

What level of authenticity is desirable and possible for you? What do you aspire to? You hopefully will not be inauthentic ever, but wouldn’t it be nice if organizations cultivated and appreciated the authenticity of their managers?


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