knockingdennisflarsenpixabayIs there something asking for your attention that you have been ignoring? Perhaps it is an opportunity, an unsolved problem or a situation that you need to address. If you hear a knocking, best to answer it. Most likely, it will only get louder over time.

Dealing with something is always better than avoiding it. Take it on directly. Don’t let any more time pass. Good or bad, it needs your attention.


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Avoiding Versus Facing

ID-10077804You often have a choice of avoiding or facing something that is asking for your attention. When you choose to avoid something that matters to you, there are risks involved. Here are some of them:

• The situation can grow bigger, in reality or in your mind.

• You lose the opportunity to respond.

• Avoidance can create anxiety within you.

• You lose out on good outcomes.

• You are not able to see the situation clearly.

• You are expending energy to no avail.

• Your emotions and fears fester and grow.

Is there anything significant that you are avoiding now? Facing it may not be as uncomfortable as you think. Seize the moment now to face it. This will put you in control, create movement towards a positive outcome and relieve the stress involved in avoidance.


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