Ready To Shift?

shiftMikeBirdypixabayWhat can you shift in your work that will give you a huge boost in your fulfillment and happiness? I hope that you are already working on making that shift. If you are not, go ahead and get started now. Here are some ways to get moving:

• Identify the shift you want to make.

• List the benefits you will gain by making the shift.

• Identify the practicalities of making the shift. What do you need in order to do it? What obstacles are in your way? What people and what support do you need to make it a reality?

• Set a plan to make the shift happen, including how you will do it, steps you will take, and deadlines.

• Create a “support plan” – how you will maintain your energy and commitment while you are making the shift happen.

It is within your capacity to change your life. Are you ready to shift?


photo: MikeBirdy,

Managers Satisfied

An important step to career satisfaction is to know that satisfaction is possible. Once you know this, it is worthwhile to start exploring. Exploring can be anything you want it to be: seeing what options are out there for you, asking yourself if the work you are doing is what you want to be doing, investigating possibilities or taking some time to dream and see what shows up.

Managers deal with a lot of stress and ups and downs. Sometimes, in the midst of it all, you can forget that career fulfillment is possible. Not only is it possible, but it is waiting for you. You deserve to be a manager satisfied.