Have You Built Any Walls?

walltpsdavepixabayWalls have different functions. When you build a wall best to know its purpose. Is your wall meant to protect you, keep others out or to serve another intention? Make sure the wall serves the purpose you intend it for.

What is a wall? A wall is a separation; a way to keep yourself in or something or someone else out. You can build a wall as protection from someone who does not act in your interest. You can build a wall because you are fearful of something or someone. You can build a wall for detachment, so that you can trust your perception of a situation.

Sometimes, you can build a wall unconsciously, driven by your emotions. Once you do so, the wall is affecting you and can have negative consequences that you are not even aware of. When you build a wall, know what you are doing. Walls are barriers – make sure they serve a positive purpose before you build one.


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What Are You Beginning?

arrowsgeraltpixabayAt the start of the new year, are you proactive or reactive? You have a choice – to actively begin the year the way you want it to be or to let the new year take you on a ride that is determined by what happens to you.

What are you beginning this year? What dreams are you moving closer to? What skills are you enhancing? What changes are you preparing for?

Better to set your direction, than to drift without aim. Make 2016 a year of your choosing!


photo:geralt, pixabay.com

What Kind Of Transition Will 2016 Be for You?

bridgeAntraniaspixabayThere are all kinds of transitions: ones you make happen, ones that happen to you, ones that surprise you, positive ones and negative ones. What kind of transition will 2016 be for you? Have you taken charge of your transition? What do you want it to be?

Make 2016 your best transition ever; one that moves you closer to your dreams, lets go of things that no longer serve you and creates experiences that bring you joy.


photo: Antranias, pixabay.com

Not Enough To Do?

ID-100259522In The Managers Hub, I don’t often write about having too little to do! This weekend, I read an intriguing article in The New York Times titled: Bored To Tears By A Do-Nothing Dream Job. What an anomaly in today’s world!

It is an interesting continuum with boredom on one end and stress and speed on the other.

By chance, have you found yourself in this situation of not having enough to do at work? It can be a downhill slide, if you are not aware of how it is affecting you. Best to address it and make sure it is something you can handle. It has its advantages, but make sure they are advantages you choose to have in your life.

The rest of you may wish for just one day with not enough to do!


photo: Stuart Miles, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Alignment With Reality

ID-10068087Reality: the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Are your life and actions aligned with reality? You may say reality is a downer. It can be, but it is the best place to start from. Reality does not limit you or dictate your next steps. It just needs to be factored in, so that your choices come both from truth and the present moment.

Say that you are in what looks like a lose-lose situation at work. Do you pretend what is happening isn’t there? Or do you look carefully at the reality of what exists and find your way through it? I think the latter. When you align with reality, no matter how bad things are, you actually are in a very powerful place. Truth sets you free.


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Everyone Is Texting

ID-100225423Do you find yourself looking down a lot – at your phone? There have been many changes in our business communication styles. How are you adjusting to them? Do they serve or hinder you as a manager?

You do have choice in how and when you communicate – exercise it. Communications styles do not have to be dictated to you. Choose the style of communication that allows you to be fully present in the moment and to communicate effectively. You may not be able to use your chosen style of communication, every time. However, you may be surprised how often you can, when you exercise your choice.

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The Power of Your Choices

Many times people abdicate their freedom of choice. The ability to choose can never be taken from you. It is only yours to give away. You may let others pressure you into choices. You may not have the time to make all the choices in front of you; so you neglect or hurry through them. It behooves you to consider your choices very carefully and make the choice that is best for you.

As a manager, your choices create the direction for your team. You choose goals, direction, process, pacing, focus areas and more. How do you make a choice? Do you have a process? Here are some suggestions for your choice and decision-making.

• When you encounter a significant choice, create some time to make it

• Lay out your options and the impacts of each

• Identify the risks and likely outcomes of each option

• If it is helpful, get some feedback from others

• Own your choice, once you make it

The power of choice is yours. Make good ones and never give this power away. Exercising your freedom of choice is essential to good managing.


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Every Decision Is A Choice

 In my coaching, I often see situations where people believe they do not have choice. You always have choice. As you make decisions, observe what choice is in front of you. Say, a project is taking a lot of your time. You are starting to neglect other aspects of your life and are feeling stress. The deadline is looming, so you feel you have no choice, but to keep going. Well, you do have a choice – several in fact. The challenge lies in what choice you make. You can miss the deadline, be a bit late on the project or push to complete it on time. As you identify your choices and evaluate them, how can you feel you have no choice?

Acknowledging that you always have choice is a way of taking responsibility for your life. When you see that your life is formed by your choices, you can consciously make the ones that are right for you. Your choices may involve compromises at first; but over time, I think you will see that life gets better, as you acknowledge choice.

The next time you have a decision to make, see it as a choice.


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What Are You Accepting That You Shouldn’t Be?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or working for an organization, you are a free agent. You have the ability to choose the direction your life and work will go in. You have options.  Sometimes, circumstances can get you to a place where you are accepting situations that do not serve you and you think you have no choice but to accept them.

What are you accepting that you shouldn’t be? You can start looking at this by identifying your highest pain points as a manager. Take a look at them and at whether the pain they cause outweighs the risk of making choices to improve your situation. As a coach, I see too many situations where managers are tired, discouraged, under-resourced, overworked and underappreciated. Managers think they have no choice in the matter, but they do!

The choices you make may involve some time. At first, it may simply be choosing “I am going to create a better life”. The most significant factor is to change the perception that you have no choice. Then, give yourself some time to think out what options are available to you. Move at the level of risk that you can handle. After you have made a choice the steps will start filling in, if you keep your attention on it. Joseph Campbell had some good insights when he discussed “Following Your Bliss”:

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

Living the life you want to live is possible. Why accept a life or work that does not serve you?

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Please Fire Me

I came across an interesting website – Please Fire Me. Have you ever found yourself wishing that? One of the shirts for sale on the website says “Please Fire Me-My Soul Is Dying”. My wish is that you never feel that way.

If you could say to your organization, “Please Fire Me” with no negative consequences resulting from leaving, would you ask the question? If your answer is yes, it’s worth examining. No job is worth the sapping of your happiness, spirit or motivation. If that is happening, assure yourself that you have choice in every situation. Your choices may take some time to realize, but get started. Being unhappy in your job is a dead end.

You never know, your positive choices could lead to great results as you turn “Please Fire Me” into “Pinch Me, I Never Knew It Could Be This Good.”

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