What Are Your Priorities?

There are many aspects to your life. How you prioritize them shapes your journey. What are the main aspects of your life – family, friends, service, career, faith, physical activity, learning or other things? What comes first? What is lower priority? It is your choice how you answer these questions. There are no right or wrong answers. Their purpose is to gain clarity on what you want to give your time and attention to.

Once you know your priorities, honor them. Don’t let unimportant things, stress or pressure from others derail what matters most to you. Live the life that you want to and you will give your best to the world.


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What Lifestyle Do You Desire?

I was at a workshop, years ago, and someone asked for advice on deciding where she wanted to live. The teacher’s answer was quite good. She said that one way to start a decision-making process like this is to ask yourself, What lifestyle do I want? In asking and answering this question, you set a path for the choices you will be making.

Is your present lifestyle what you want it to be? Are there any changes you would like to make? If there are, get started creating the lifestyle you want to be living. Small or large steps, you’ll be on your way to a fulfilling life.


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Looking Out To 2016

unsplashopeningThe last month of 2015 is here. How was 2015 for you?

What one word describes what you want 2016 to be? 2016 will be shaped by the choices you make. Choices made by default still create results. Conscious choices serve your best interests.

This month, you can consciously choose what you want 2016 to be. Your choices will start moving you in the direction you want to go. Keep making conscious choices and your 2016 will be the year you wish for!

As you look out to 2016, what choices are you ready to make?

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What’s Your Current Strategy?

ID-10043688You are the CEO of your career. If you embrace that, you want to have a strategy. There’s always something you can do to develop your career. A teacher once advised me to live like an arrow, not a target. That is what’s involved here-setting a path and knowing where you are aiming. If your strategy is in your mind, it will positively influence the choices you make and the direction you take.

So, what’s your current strategy? Where are you heading in the next year of your career?



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Will You Retire?

ID-100290511Recently, The New York Times did a feature article on “Old Masters At The Top Of Their Game” – people still thriving in their careers in their 80s and 90s. The article features authors, a naturalist, performers, a Supreme Court Justice, an athlete, and others.

All of us have an array of choices when we think about whether or how we want to retire. We can leave our careers and take it easy. We can start a new career. We can keep going at what we are doing. We can pursue our dreams. Factors such as money, career fulfillment and health, of course, will influence us. But how wonderful to have an array of choices and to not have society dictating that we must stop working at a certain time.

What do you dream of for your older years? I’d enjoy hearing from you. Will you retire?


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