Do You Have Rivals? Rethink That.

ID-100315368Rivals are about competition and going for the same prize. No doubt, there is credence to that; however, rethinking the idea of rivals may have value for you. Start by acknowledging that each person’s path or journey is unique. You may be going for the same job as others, for example, but you all have different motivations and goals. So, why look at others as rivals? A job you are going for is just one step on your journey. It may or may not be meant to be or right for you. If one door closes, another may open.

Having “rivals” takes your attention away from you and puts it on others. It also makes your success dependent on competition with others. You have a lot of options and can walk your journey any way you want to. Sure, there are times you are in competition for something, but truly you are only in competition with yourself – to be the best you can be and follow the dreams you have for your life.


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