Into Confusion

Sometimes you can get yourself into a state of confusion without realizing you are there. Many things can create confusion: overwhelm, not knowing what to do, not wanting to face something or losing your center. When this happens, your performance suffers, sometimes in a big way.

Confusion can be stealthy and difficult to recognize. When you recognize the signs of confusion – perhaps extreme emotional reactions, getting stuck, prolonged inefficiency or ineffectiveness, frustration, conflict or too many things going wrong – you are halfway to getting out of it. Take some time to re-center yourself. Look carefully at the source(s) of your confusion and take appropriate action to get back on your game. Confusion does you no good. Limit its ability to get the better of you.

If you’d like more, see my blog post, Ten Steps To Get Out Of Confusion Fast.

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Ten Steps To Get Out Of Confusion Fast

1. Pull yourself out of your current thoughts and environment

2. Get yourself to the present moment and clearly define the situation causing your confusion

3. Breathe ten breaths

4. Create some space to think

5. Write down the facts of what is happening

6. Gather information and identify the options available to you

7. Weigh your options and the pros, cons and feasibility of each

8. Make a plan to move forward

9. Reach clarity on how you will execute the plan

10. Acknowledge that you are no longer confused!


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