How Do You Disconnect From Your Work As A Manager?

Work nowadays can be 24/7. You will not survive, in the long run, without balance and down time in your life. How do you disconnect from your work as a manager?

Disconnecting is not about a 5-minute break or about coming home from work exhausted, going to bed and starting again in the morning. Nor, is it about taking a vacation once a year. The nature of disconnecting is breaking your connection to work. It is not always easy to make a break. We go at such a fast pace and have so much pressure, that a momentum builds, that is hard to stop. Many organizations keep up this pace and are not encouraging about breaking from it.

Disconnecting often requires you to make a hard stop. It also requires strong intent and being convinced of its value to you. But, if you find a way, at least once a week, to disconnect from your work you will find your efficiency, productivity and satisfaction increasing exponentially. How do you disconnect from your work?

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When Managers Are Clueless

Some managers appear to have no idea of what is needed for their operations to thrive. Sometimes their disconnect is so huge, it can stop you in your tracks.  They neither listen nor speak. Well, perhaps they speak, but are so disconnected they may as well not be speaking. What do you do when your manager is clueless? I suggest first determining, as best you can, if their apparent disconnection is the result of an agenda. Sometimes managers do not want to hear. They are pursuing their agenda or others’ agendas and what is needed for their operation to thrive is irrelevant. In this case, face reality and decide from there what you want to do about it. Beware of trying to convince yourself they care, when they don’t. In other cases, managers truly are clueless. What to do then? Well, you are not Sigmund Freud – I suggest not trying to figure out why they are clueless. Rather, find a way to communicate to them what is really going on and make suggestions of what they can do.

It is truly unfortunate that we have to deal with managers who are clueless.

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