How Do You Deal With Chaos?

When chaos shows up, best to be ready for it. Chaos can sweep you away into disorganization, disorientation, unbalanced emotions and confusion. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Being ready for chaos involves the ability to quickly get grounded and fully into the present moment, focus, discernment, insight and emotional intelligence. Developing these skills can help you be ready for whatever chaos comes along!


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explodeopenclipart-vectorspixabayHow do you handle disruptions? Do what you can to prevent them, but they will happen. When disruptions occur, you have a choice in how you respond. You can deny they are happening (futilely), get present and figure out how to handle them, let your emotions take over, walk away or do something that lets them work to your benefit.

Whatever response you choose, there are consequences. Accept that disruptions are part of life and keep them from getting the better of you. That way, your work continues to flow and you may be able to work disruptions in your favor.


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Out Of Sync

ID-10083660Your work thrives when people and events work well together. At times, however, things can go astray. How do you respond when your work, team or projects get out of sync?

Disruption and chaos can pull you in and cause you to lose your center. Personalities can take over, obscuring what is happening and causing things to falter more. When something gets out of sync, you need clear vision in order to assess what has happened and to course-correct.

The next time something gets out of sync, what will you do? How will you regain your center when things go awry? How will you manage your own behavior to minimize the damage that occurs when something is out of sync?


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Reflecting The Change In The World


There is a lot of change going on in the world. Change can bring polarity, disruption, promise, innovation and chaos. Do you see any of this change reflected in your behavior, your team’s or your organization’s? Take a brief look.

It’s another level of listening. We are all witnessing this change. How is it affecting you? Is there something to do about it in your managing? Adjustments to make? Something to say?


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