Is Your Life In Harmony?

Yes, this is a big question and one worth considering. Harmony gets you moving – all the pieces of your life and career work well together. To assess the level of harmony in your life, here are some questions to consider:

• How often are there conflicts in your life and career?
• How well do you discern what situations and people are best to be involved with and those you should avoid?
• Do you feel a flow in your life? A sense of ease?
• Is there anything you may be doing that causes disturbance in your life? Or other situations or people that do?
• What lacks harmony in your life and career now?

With harmony you can enjoy life and get more done. Make harmony a value that you support and honor.


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Coasting means to move effortlessly and smoothly. As we approach the end of the year, will you be coasting? Are you able to coast because there is less to do – you are away from work? Or, are you able to coast because you love this time of year and can enjoy it?

What if you could coast all year? That’s a concept.


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