Sometimes, what you would rather not have in your life creeps in without your noticing. Here are some things to take stock of, as we end the year, so that you can release what no longer serves you:

• energy drains

• “dramas” at work that you are better off without

• things you have been procrastinating on that would make your life or work better

• dreams you could be acting on, but are not

• time you may be wasting

• relationships that you are better off ending

• stressors that you are not addressing

How many of these exist for you? Are you ready to quantify them and say “so long” as we end 2019?


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Low Energy

It’s inevitable; your energy levels go up and down. Have you noticed how low energy levels affect your work? Low energy levels have lots of causes, among them: being tired or sick, being in a situation that is draining your energy, boredom and strong emotions.

Awareness is the first step in dealing with a low energy level. When this occurs, change your expectations of what you can and can’t do. It may be that you have no choice but to raise your energy level for an immediate task that must get done. In that case, develop dependable ways to raise your energy level – perhaps a short nap, a change of scene, getting help or another means. When you can afford to, give yourself the time you need to restore your energy to a high level.

When your energy level is low, you are not at your best. It is in your interest to understand and know how to deal with your changing energy levels.


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What’s Ready To Go?

Is everything going great in your everyday work life? Can you identify anything that has run its course? Sometimes, habits, situations or circumstances hang around long after their usefulness is gone. Examples can be: allowing stress to run your life, consistently being late for meetings, a pattern of activity you have or an energy drain that you are better off without.

Releasing something is not always easy. However, letting something go that is doing you no good frees you and you end up feeling great. You also make room for something new to take its place. Go ahead, let it go!


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Say Goodbye To Your 2017 Tolerations

What did you tolerate in 2017 that you can do without in 2018? Tolerations are a key concept in the coaching profession. They may not stand out or get your attention readily, but you can be sure they are slowly draining your energy. A toleration may be something as simple as a messy office or something more complex, such as a promotion that never comes.

Start by identifying anything you tolerated in 2017 and make a commitment to eliminate it. Tolerations, once identified, are not difficult to eliminate. Set your intention and enjoy the freedom you gain in 2018 from letting tolerations go!

For more on tolerations, see my blog posts, Manager Tolerations  and Ten Manager Tolerations You Can Do Without.


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three plugs 2Is there something in your career that you are long overdue to disconnect from? Staying attached to people, behaviors or things that no longer serve you can be an energy drain and leave no room for new people, behavior or things to come into your life.

If there is something, how about starting to disconnect from it this week? You can do so in small or large ways. Some small ways: set an intention and time frame for disconnecting, detach yourself in some small way, get used to the idea of it no longer being in your life. Some large ways: make a break, find your truth about the situation and speak it, make a significant change.

Disconnecting is healthy. It leaves you free to live your life the way you want to. Dragging along people, behaviors or things that no longer serve you slows you down and keeps you from being the very best you. Let them go.


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Refusal To See

ID-10076951Sometimes it is hard to look at situations, people or beliefs that are not serving you. Ignoring them, however, doesn’t make them go away. They are still there; you are just refusing to see them There are consequences to this blindness. When something does not serve you, it is either taking up space or harming you. Sometimes it grows worse over time. Imagine something growing larger beside you, as long as you refuse to see.

Are there any things in your life today that you are refusing to see? Perhaps something that is chipping away at your confidence, a relationship that drains your energy, a dream you are avoiding pursuing or something you are neglecting?

Opening your eyes is not as hard as you may think it is. Refusing to see holds you back and closes your eyes to the life you want to live. Open eyes are a much better alternative.


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Bye, Bye!

ID-10094297What are three things that you would be better off without? As you begin the new year, give yourself maximum advantage by letting go of these three things. You are much better off without energy-draining habits, relationships, situations or attitudes negatively affecting your life. When energy drains are eliminated, you create room for new and better things to come into your life.

What are you ready to say “bye, bye” to?

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What Drains Your Energy as a Manager?

Energy drains are the situations, people, or things that keep you from moving forward. They are counterproductive forces in your life and work. They can slowly empty you of your energy and vitality, without your even knowing they are doing so. Best thing is to identify them, do whatever you can to minimize them and replace them with things that fuel you. What energy drains do you face as a manager?

Here are some examples of energy drains:

  • wasting time or using time inefficiently
  • unnecessary conflict
  • worry
  • clutter and lack of organization
  • negative working relationships
  • doing too many things

Here are some examples of things that can fuel you:

  • taking care of your body – exercising and eating well
  • finding positive ways to cope with stress
  • developing emotional intelligence in your working relationships
  • taking breaks during the day
  • creating interests outside of your work
  • living fully in the present moment

If energy drains are affecting your performance as a manager, say goodbye to them. You have enough to contend with and want to bring your best self to your work.